The Compassion Foundation provides grants for non-profit organizations that are working to improve the quality of lives of people in need.  Since our inception in 1989, we have distributed grants to more than 500 agencies, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need.  Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation was founded by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (link) who wanted to create an avenue to convey God’s compassion in the local community. 

The Compassion Foundation is funded by gifts from individuals, businesses, and by hosting special events.  Each year we host the Compassion Foundation Annual Golf Classic and Community Champions Recognition Dinner. Our events are organized by dedicated community volunteers and members of our board of directors.  The Foundation employs a part-time Executive Director and is housed in the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  All contributions to the Compassion Foundation and related programs are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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Compassion Foundation helps those in need with God’s love and compassion as our guide.

Meet the Board of Directors

The Compassion Foundation Board of Directors provides strategic guidance in fulfilling the Foundation’s mission to help those in need.  Together as a volunteer Board, they govern the Foundation, chair and participate in our fundraising efforts, set the budget and priorities for the organization, and represent the Compassion Foundation in the community.


Maureen McKanna


Cathleen Potter


Matthew Richardson


Chris Goerlich Weber


Gary Ahasic


Steve Andras

Carole Arliskas

Judith Sotir

Dr. Brian Tonner

Alex Kline Wedeen

Jonathon Schmidt